general overview

Our vocational high school was founded by High Education Board’s decision dated 15.03.1999
Since 2001-2002 school year, Education started by Leather Process Technology’’ and ‘’Business’’programmes.
Since the beginning of 2009-2010 school year, These programmes have been renamed as ‘’Business Management’’ and ‘’ Leather Technology’’

As mission for itself, Our Vocational High School, having aim Our graduates take charge in fulfiling the need of qualified intermediate staff in our country, has determined to train the people Who have ethical values and social responsibility consciousness, are able to give service to ındustry and business sector, have high environmental and social consciousness, are innovator and entrepreneur.

As vision for itself,Our Vocational High School has determined to enable institution to develop by taking trends in vocational and technical higher education in to consideration.

academic programs

Department of management and organization

 Business management programme

Department of marketing and advertising

Public relations and presentation programme

Department of finance – banking and ınsurance

Public finance programme

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