public finance programme


   The aim of Public finance department is to meet the requirement of well-educated labor force To Whom Both private sector and public sector need. Those graduating from public finance department will have the qualities to be able to work in the department of accounting and finance of private sector, and in the department of financial and administrative affairs of state institutions and organizations, and will have the qualities to be able to produce solutions for fiscal subjects by using scientific methods.

   Public finance programme aim to train people Who have comprehensive knowledge of financial legislation, are able to follow new developments and are able to keep up with rapid change, have the ability to think analytically and to solve problem, become skillful at financial, social and economical topics, have basic knowledges about profession examinations and have essential knowledges to be able to assess and to make comments about economic events and economic relations occuring.

Students, those successfuly graduating from public finance- associate degree programme in our vocational school are going to have the qualities, knowledge and skills as below;

  • Having theoretical knowledges about taxation process and Being able to apply them to working environment,
  • Having the main knowledges about taxation procedures, Calculation of taxes, Tax offences and Tax penalties and preparing tax statement
  • Having sufficiently knowledge, Which is qualified personnel public and private sector need supposed to have, about public finance, law, economy, business management and accountaning,
  • Having command of  topics related to public expenditures and public borrowing and , Having ability to make comment about them.
  • Having the theoretical knowledges about Public economy, Fiscal Theory,Financial Management , Financial Management and Financial Audit of Public Sector, Budget Theory and Budgetary Practise and Having ability to make comment about this subjects
  • To be able to understand and to use basic knowledges about financial and economy subjects
  • To be able able to analyse economic and financial developments
  • To be  able to express opinion about financial subjects
  • Gaining ability to produce solution over against various financial problems

In Kula Vocational School Public Finance Programme, There are both day time education and evening education. For each, 100 students will be admitted.


Students from General high school, Anatolian high school and various business high-school school are admitted to  Our Vocational High School.


Students from business high school with open admisson  and with YGS score are admitted to Public Finance Programme.Student placement is carried out by student selection and placement center (ÖSYM in Turkish)


Our public finance programme has comprehensive academic programme. Lessons are mainly therotical, but On the other hand, Last developments occuring in the field of finance and accounting are also taught to students. Those ,Who want to take education and to work in this field, are firstly supposed to have the ability of perception , numerical thinking and making comment ,to have personality characteristics such as being tidy, patient, responsible, not get bored with cope with details, to be able to give true and appropriate decisons and to have the ability to follow application of decisons performed.


 Lecturer Serkan Ercoşkun  ( Head of Department)



Lecturer Mutlu Yordu ( Chief Programme)


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