public relations and PUBLICITY


In the light of scientific method, The purpose of Public  Relations and Publicity Programme  is to train intermediate staff -Who has quality to perform communication studies, has ethic values, has ability to establish relations and well-trained- that will create positive impression on target market related to institution in question in private and public institution.    Public relations do researches on perception, expectation and attitudes of  public opinion.

According to results of these researches, Public relations plans activities and practise them. By improving intra-organizational communication, Public relations leads to be formed and lead to be managed corporate identity and corporate image. With the aim of building corporate reputation, Public relation run media relations and organize sponsorship  activites and  social responsibilitiy projects. While producing effective solutions for ınformation and communication requirements of people and corporations, Public relations is a discipline applying scientific research methods. With the effect of  national and international developments,  Public relations increases its prestige every passing day and  keeps being popular field of profession. Public relations is not luxury. Nowadays, It  becomes requirement  for  businesses.  For these reasons,  The aim of our programme is to train personnel to whom Public corporations and private sector need.   In our programme, That turning practises and those learning as well as theoretical knowledge into talent is of great importance. For this reason, When our programme was founded, Basic knowledges take predominantly important place in first and second semester While Applied courses to improve professional qualifications take predominantly importance in third and fourth semester. Those successfully graduating from Public Relations and presentation prebachelor degree programme ın our vocational high school will have the knowledge, skills and perfections as indicated below.

  • To be able to use language correctly, and to be  able to speak effectively and persuavily -         Being master of terminology related to field of public relations.
  •      To gain ability to communicate effectively and properly with other people in their social and personal life as well as in their working life.
  •          To be able to use basic office programs and  professional programs
  •         Having knowledge about basic concepts ,strategy and tactics  related to public relations,  and to  be able to design public relations projects.
  •          To be able to use research methods and techniques to obtain necessary data in preparing public relations plans.
  •         To  develop the ability to make organization, To exhibit appropriate behaviour  ways  by knowing  the rules of etiquette , protocol and social behaviour in  professional life.
  •         Having knowledge about basic concepts and creative strategies of advertising, and To practise these knowledges within the context of the Project.
  •          To have communication skills that are required in professional life and to be able to use these skills in the work environment
  •          To  have technical and theoretical competence in the field of public relations
  •          To develop to awareness to social problems and to produce social responsibility project with team awarness.

   In today’s world;  People, Who   can think in critical and creative way, can work in team, can develop strategy for ordinary and extraordinary situations, have the ability to communicate face to face, can use communication technologies effectively, are  required  increasingly. Within this context, Our department  work with the mission to individuals Who can solve the problems by analyse them, productive,creative, have self-confidence, is conscious of their responsibilities.


    Students from General high school, Anatolian high school and various business high-school school are  admitted to  Our Vocational High School.


    Students from business high school with open admisson  and with YGS score are admitted to Public Relations and Publicity Programme. Student placement is carried out by student selection and placement center (ÖSYM in Turkish)


       In the public relations and presentation programme, Given lectures are as indicated below;

    - Common compulsory lectures (Turkish language, Revolution history, Foreign language)

    - General knowledge lectures (Fundamental concepts of law, General business, introduction to computing)

    - Professional lectures (Introduction of communications, Public relations and Applications of public relations, Behavioral science, advertising, photography, marketing principles, Statistic, Correspondence techniques, Media planning)


     In public relations department, Lectures are continued in the form of theoretical – practical and computer lab workings.


    Examınatıons and evaluatıng methods depend on quality of lecture and Examinations is prepared  as written and oral examination, homework, project work, and They are evaluated by relative grading system  ın accorance with  the relevant regulations


    After graduating, Our students can make vertical transmission to faculties (such as  communication faculty)  related to their department.For this, They are required to gradute from our vocational high school successfully and to get essential score from external transmission exam (DGS in Turkish) carried out by  student selection and placement center (ÖSYM in English). If They  pass the vertical transmisson exam, Students  graduating from Public Relations Department  have the possibility to get in the some bachelor programmes suc as Public Relations, Public Relations and Advertising, Public Relations and Presentation, Communication, Communication Sciences, Communication Arts, Communication Design, Communication and Design, Advertising Layout and Advertising Communicaiton, Advertising, Advertising and Public Relations.After graduating,  If They want, Students  can do vertical transmission exam  to related deparments .And thus, By resume on third class, Their education can result in getting four-year  bachelor diploma.

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